Unified and Empowered: The Faces of Fair Trade

Net Impact Marlboro presents

Unified and Empowered: The Faces of Fair Trade
Friday, March 23rd 5:30 – 7:00pm
Marlboro Graduate Center, Room 2 North (2nd Floor)
$5 Suggested Donation

Join us as we discuss the challenges and successes of the Fair Trade movement and learn about the producers, consumers, and institutions behind it.

Our guest speaker Tamara Stenn, owner and founder of KUSIKUY Clothing Company, is a business developer and economist who spent 15 years working with Bolivia’s indigenous women creating Fair Trade sweaters for export through her company.  This workshop will introduce participants to Fair Trade and help them to envision the world of Fair Trade producers.  Tamara will lead us through an interactive workshop about the pillars of fair trade: Producers, who make the goods, Consumers, who purchase the goods, Institutions, which provide structure and support, and Governments which allow trade to take place within their borders.

Come for a lively discussion, hands-on learning, and a reception complete with fair trade goodies and beverages immediately following the workshop. 


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