Calling all leaders! Step out to develop yourself and your community.

All of us, as members of the Marlboro community are leaders! The below opportunities are open for you to showcase and further develop your leadership capabilities. Carpe Diem!

Net Impact: VP of Career Development

Net Impact Marlboro is currently looking to supplement the leadership team with a VP of Career Development.

The VP of Career Development would join a top-notch leadership team who would support them in developing events and resources that meet the career development needs of members. In addition to career development responsibilities, each team member is responsible for sharing the responsibility of event coordination and planning. To learn more about the global impact, reach and power of Net Impact please visit the Net Impact Central website.

Eligibility: Open to all Marlboro MBA/MDO students. All chapter leaders must be (or become) a current dues paying members of Net Impact Marlboro AND Net Impact Central upon their appointment.

Position Tenure: One year.

Deadline: Please express your interest by Sunday, January 22nd.

**Based on the immediate needs of our member base we have decided to actively recruit for a VP of Career Development in lieu of a VP of Membership & Outreach. The VP of Membership and Outreach position will be added in the Fall with the hopes of adding an MDO student to the leadership team.

Interested applicants should email with their interest. In the event that there is more than one applicant interested the leadership team will enroll current members to come to a decision.

Net Impact: Working Groups

We would like to invite any and all to consider establishing and chairing a Working Group with the Marlboro Chapter of Net Impact. If you have a pet project you’ve been thinking about implementing at the graduate school, consider forming a working group with our chapter! Or, if you’re interested in knowledge exchange, a working group of NI members could do wonders! See more details here.

GreenDrinks Brattleboro: Executive Director

As the Executive Director you will have the opportunity to connect local businesses with sustainability professionals and expand your professional network. Gain experience developing exciting and engaging programing to bring like-minded professionals together to foster community and collaboration for a more sustainable world.

Brattleboro GreenDrinks is an informal social networking group of like-minded sustainability professionals who come together on a monthly basis. Gatherings allow local businesses to discuss their sustainability and environmental efforts challenges, opportunities and interests. GreenDrinks is currently active in over 815 cities worldwide, making it easy to find sustainability professionals where you go!
GreenDrinks Brattleboro current meets the Thursday evening prior to intensive weekend from 5:30-7pm at a local restaurant.

Eligibility: Open to all MBA/MDO students or alumni. You DO NOT need to live in the Brattleboro area! Being a member of the Marlboro community automatically makes you a member of the Brattleboro community.

Deadline: Please express your interest prior to the February intensive. The leadership transition would occur in March.

Please email with your interest or questions.

Slow Living Summit: Steering Committee

The second annual Slow Living Summit will take place in Brattleboro, May 1th – June 30th, 2012. The Slow Living Summit is the intersection for sharing slow-living ideas and innovations. The overall theme for the conference is “Common interests, common solutions, common good” — reflecting our focus on delivering solutions and resources.

Currently the steering committee is looking for additional volunteers/members to fill a variety of positions. If you are interested in volunteering in any way please reach out to Martin Langeveld ( Opportunities include (but aren’t limited too) programming development, outreach, blogging, coordination, networking etc.

Eligibility:Open to all MBA/MDO students and alumni.

Deadline: ASAP! The summit is quickly approaching!

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