Accelerating Sustainable Practices in the Textile Value Chain

david bennell 

– David Bennell, Senior Advisor to Textile Exchange
Friday, June 24, 5:30pm (Social following at 7pm in Chill Room)
Marlboro College Graduate School – Room 2East

Clothing and textile production, use, and disposal creates immense economic, social, and environmental benefits and costs. Much of that cost burden is just now being discovered, analyzed, and addressed. For instance, did you know the global textile industry uses nearly 3 trillion gallons of freshwater annually?

This presentation will discuss the emerging understanding of sustainability issues related to apparel and textiles, and discuss efforts to work toward more effective solutions to those issues. You’ll be asked to participate in a real-time discussion about how effective change can be made to an industry expected to clothe and shelter 9 billion people by 2050.

David Bennell is Senior Advisor and former Executive Director of Textile Exchange, the industry-led, global resource for advancing sustainable apparel and textile practices with over $800 billion in combined 2010 set sales across its membership. Textile Exchange has over 215 organizational members worldwide, including many of the world’s leading brands and retailers. Previously, David was Executive Director of the FSC Global Fund, an investor-led philanthropic grantmaking organization that helped finance the work of the Forest Stewardship Council, the premier standards-making organization for responsible forestry, active in 80 countries, and supported by leading global companies.


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