Speaker and social event with Mark McElroy

mark mcelroySustainability Management: The Trouble It’s In and How to Fix It – Mark McElroy, founder and executive director of the Center for Sustainable Organizations
Friday, May 13, 5:30pm
Marlboro College Graduate School – Room 2East

(social will follow in Chill Room, down the hall from 2East)

In this presentation, McElroy will introduce and explain the theory and practice of context-based sustainability (CBS), a new and compelling school of thought in management.  Unlike most of what passes for mainstream practice in the field, CBS relies upon an interpretation of sustainability performance that is tightly coupled to resource limitations in social, economic and environmental systems, sometimes referred to as carrying capacity.  Thus, whereas in the practice of mainstream sustainability management, sustainability performance is usually addressed in ways that are disconnected from the actual carrying capacities of social, economic and environmental systems, under the context-based approach the reverse is true – sustainability measurement, management and reporting is explicitly tied to them.  Included in Dr. McElroy’s talk will be a description of how CBS can be operationalized in human social systems – organizationalones, in particular.

Dr. McElroy is a frequent author and speaker on topics related to corporate sustainability measurement, management and reporting, including a forthcoming book of his entitled, Corporate Sustainability Management – The Art and Science of Managing Non-Financial Performance (McElroy and van Engelen, Earthscan, 2011). As the founder and executive director of the Center for Sustainable Organizations in Thetford Center, Vermont, McElroy  is the world’s leading advocate of context-based sustainability, the creator of the Social Footprint Method, and is a 33-year veteran of management consulting, including time spent at Price Waterhouse and KPMG Peat Marwick, where he was a partner.


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