Bob Barton speaker event + green drinks next week in Brattleboro

We have our next Intensive weekend from March 24-27, and here are a few events that will take place in Brattleboro:

Green Drinks, Flat Street Brewery, Thursday March 24th, 5-8pm.  Our own Social Officer, Bonnie Sigwalt, will be speaking about climate adaptation policy in the United States.

Promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy with Innovative Financial Mechanisms – Bob Barton, CEO of Catalyst Financial Group
Friday, March 25, 5:30pm (social will follow the speaking event)
Marlboro College Graduate School – Room 2East

Guest lectures are free and open to the public. The Marlboro College Graduate Center is located at 28 Vernon Street, Brattleboro, Vermont.

bob barton

Bob Barton brings over 30 years of experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental financing.  As a green investment banker, Barton and Catalyst Financial have pioneered several energy-related finance mechanisms that have resulted in billions of dollars in energy financing. Currently, Barton and his business partner, Neil Zobler, advise 25 city, town and state governments on how to use their ARRA funding to set up innovative finance programs.   Bob is an expert in non-traditional and traditional finance, including venture capital and project finance.

The talk will focus on three key finance mechanisms – Performance Contracting, Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs) such as Solar PPAs and Program Related Investments (PRIs).  Barton’s intent is to explain why these mechanisms are game changers and how they are being used today in the commercial, public sector and non-profit market place.


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