Global Sustainability Manager @ Hertz (Park Ridge, NJ)

General Responsibilities:
The Manager, Global Sustainability will lead the development and implementation of the Hertz Corporate Sustainability Strategy, including specific initiatives and projects. 

  • Champion Sustainability initiatives across the organization.
  • Position Sustainability as value added business initiative with clear bottom-line implications.
  • Develop and establish a set of measurable criteria to ensure accountability and evaluate progress.
  • Benchmark sustainable development efforts against peer companies and leadership companies and global standards; recommend improvement plans.
  • Coordinate programs to ensure the business is optimally positioned with its customers to deliver on its commitments to Sustainable development, such as, environmental, energy, sourcing and green responsibilities.
  • Oversee compliance across the business as well as reporting on Sustainability performance metrics.
  • Ensure the communication of the organization’s Sustainability position and performance matters to both internal and external stakeholders; coordinate responses to selected external stakeholder surveys, align with marketing programs and messages.
  • Become a trusted advisor to the executive team; work closely with them to build the Sustainable mentality into the organization.
  • Develop, leverage and maintain effective networks with key external stakeholders (industry bodies, government, and regulatory bodies) in order to ensure effective influencing strategies to support the business.
  • Understand and operate within the political and social climate of the countries, communities and regions in which the organization operates.
  • Remain sensitive to the market and audience (locally and cross-culturally) and tailor communications and implementations to recognize needs – not a one size fits all approach
  • Manage Sustainability web site, evaluate public response, and create action plans for future reports.
  • Understand and operate with the commercial strategy and financial climate of Hertz’s business units, regions and category structure.
Mandatory Requirements:
  • An undergraduate degree is required.  An MBA is highly desirable.
  • A minimum of 8 years marketing experience in a product or program management role
  • Prefer 2-3 years experience managing sustainability/environmental/social responsibility initiatives.
  • A minimum of three years of management experience.
  • Experience and knowledge of Sustainability best practices.
  • Proven track record in determining applicability/ relevance to an organization, analyzing issues, anticipating future trends.
  • Understanding of regulatory, legislative, legal and governance elements in relation to sustainability.
  • Global experience and view with highly developed interpersonal and cross cultural skills

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