Work for Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx) as a Green Community Organizer

Thanks to Larry Furman for this lead…

Title: Green Community Organizer
Reports to: Community Green Initiative Planner

Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx), a not-for-profit community-based organization, which offers job training, environmental education, advocacy and implements environmental projects, is seeking a Community Greening Planner

Job Synopsis:
The Green Community Organizer will be an experienced organizing professional. He/she will be capable of developing, implementing and leading comprehensive community greening campaign with a high degree of professionalism, sensitivity and integrity. This person will be responsible for SSBx’s Retrofit NYC Block by Block campaign to engage residents of Soundview area to reduce energy use and cut costs while creating jobs in the retrofit industry. The organizer will engage with block associations, houses of worship, businesses and other local groups –to get the word out to community residents about how to reduce costly energy and water use in their homes. The organizer will share Retrofit NYC packages and explain financial incentive programs that cover some (and sometimes all) of the costs of energy upgrades. The candidate will lead the project and enhance the public profile to support the programs of Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx). The ideal candidate will be very detail-oriented, organized, have exceptional people and communication skills and the capacity to follow through on both small and large tasks. Must have a compelling vision related to urban development and the environment, and be able to utilize and motivate those around her/him.

Primary Responsibilities:
The Green Community Organizer will lead community outreach efforts for the Retrofit NYC Block by Block campaign as follows:
• Develop and carry out an outreach campaign including mailings, flyering, organizing local events and workshops;
• Educate and engage neighborhood residents in discussions about energy efficiency, energy assessments and retrofits;
• Develop connections and oversee communications with potential partners (block associations, local businesses, houses of worship, community members and other neighborhood institutions) to cultivate neighborhood support for your initiative;
• Coordinate communication with homeowners, from preliminary meetings to sign-up, scheduling home energy assessments and retrofits;
• Accompany contractors during energy assessments;
• Maintain working knowledge of the incentives and financial assistance available to finance weatherization and retrofit work;
• Assist residents in interpreting and acting on the energy assessments of their home;
• Facilitate partnerships to accomplish goals related to job training and labor standards;
• Engage with local WAP and workforce partners;
• Participate in program development, staff training and information sharing among Retrofit NYC Block by Block partners;
• Track outreach efforts and progress toward target outcomes.
• Fulfill all relevant grant reporting responsibilities.

Secondary Responsibilities:
• Working with the Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training (BEST) Academy Director, to identify opportunities and appropriate training projects for Program participants.
• Working with the BEST Director, cultivate strategic relationships with relevant environmental partners.
• May be assigned other tasks and duties reasonably related to the job responsibilities.

If interested, please send your résumé, a cover letter and salary history via email with “Organizer” in the subject line to:


• Bachelor’s degree in city and regional planning, building management, sociology, environmental studies or similar fields.
• 2+ year relevant experience.
• Must have a keen understanding and track record of project management.
• Must have strong familiarity with green building technologies and sustainability.
• Experience must include environmental education, community organizing or related customer-centric work.
• Must feel comfortable meeting with people in their homes.
• Must be able to work evenings and weekends, as needed.



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